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Armor Parts

Armor is a full body suit that covers one from head to toe. These armors were worn by armorers in middle to early period. Today, the time has changed, so does the use of armors. Armies fight battles with technologically advanced weapons. The hand-held weapons like swords, axe, hammer, etc., are replaced by rifles and pistons. The armors and its major parts can be found in museums or homes of collectors. These armors are noticeable elements in many Hollywood movies. For collectors or companies in the field of theater and movies, we provide a complete collection of armor parts.

Key Points:

  • The company provides replicas of medieval shoulder armor parts, armor neck set, medieval bracers, leather bracers, armor greaves and steel armour gloves.
  • This complete array includes all pieces of armour worn by knights from the medieval to early modern period.
  • Kinds of body harnesses, like plate harness, chain mail, scale armor, splint armor and ring mail were used to cover head, face, neck, torso, arms, legs and pieces
  • The armor suit in real/reel life are worn by knights at times of battle.