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Chainmail Armor

One of the many kinds of armors created back in medieval period is chainmail armor. Small metal rings connected in a mesh pattern is the traditional design of this armor. The coat of this armor is called hauberk. This over 3000 years old, battle ready armor was a necessity for all Knights and it also successfully protected the Knights from slashing blows by hand-held weapons. It also prevented penetration of conventional medieval weapons into the body. The thickness of rings varies, ranging from 18-14 gauge (1.02-1.63 mm diameter wire). The rings linked in riveted, butted or welded pattern.

Key Points:

  • The material used for creating this armor include iron, bronze or steel.
  • Because of heavy weight, its replicas are formed from ABS plastic material or knitted strings painted with a metallic paint.
  • In modern time, though the practical usefulness of chainmail armor has passed, it is still used for Decorative purpose.
  • The collectors, who appreciate the work of art, can buy this armor.