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Damascus Steel Products

As the name implies, these knives are made from damascus steel. These knives are tough, shattering resistant and can be honed for sharp edges. The name of the steel is after capital city of Syria-Damascus. The company makes replicas of these damascus steel knives. Earlier, the blades of damascus were developed from ignots of woolz steel, widely available in India and Srilanka. Many countries imported these ignots from India and the bladesmiths forged them into knives and swords. The pattern welded steel is transformed into knived via a complex process and takes creativity and time. The forging method was kept secret. Today's steelsmith have found forging methods close to reproducing original steel. We bring to the market contemporary damascus steel knives.

Key Points:

  • The steel's mysterious part creates enthusiastic interest in collectors to buy these knives.
  • These knives are beautiful, as these are formed from damascus steel blades and stag or bone handles.
  • The knives provided by the company are used for Decorative purposes.
  • The essence of this knife is its uncommon appearance.