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Designer Bugles

The company makes available the replicas of ancient bugles, The designer bugle collection encompasses cavalry bugles, civil war confederate bugles, reed bugles, horn calling bugles and nazi bugles. A bugle is a musical instrument, generally made from brass. It does not have any valve or device for altering pitch. Through variations in embouchure, a player controlled the pitch. In harmonic series, the notes the could be played through this instrument are limited. The early bugles made from animal horns, by which it got its name. Bugle comes from a Latin word which means castrated bull. The modern bugles with valves can make different pitches, from soprano, alto, baritone to contrabass.


  • In early period, this instrument used to communicate.
  • Later, military personnel used this instrument to make a bugle call
  • During battles, it was used by officers to pass the instructions to soldiers.
  • Also, it was useful in assembling the leaders as well as to give marching orders to troops.