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Khukuri Knives

Medieval gurkha kukri originated in Nepal, is a knife with a inward curved blade. It was an important weapon used by Nepalese army, Gorkha regiments of Indian army and the Royal Gurkha rifles of the British army. This weapon was used in Gurkha war, World war I and World war II. The thickness of blade and dimensions of this khukuri knife varied according to the area of origin and the producer. It found many uses, from weaponry, to utility tasks like chopping, cutting, digging, slaughtering, etc. In Hindu culture, it is also used in traditional rituals like wedding. This is versatile piece which everybody should own.

Key points

  • The blades of the khukuri knives are forged from steel and the handles from hardwood, cast aluminum or brass.
  • This knife is a symbol of the Gurkha soldier, who defeated many in battlefield with this small piece of curved steel.
  • This knife was designed to do super clean slaughter.
  • Khukuri knives was majorly carried by every Gurkha soldier.