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Medieval Axes

The origin of axe dates back to 6000BC. It was made from stone without handle (haft). Later on, wooden handles were created to fix and hold the blade. One of the weapon types used during the medieval ages is axe. This fearsome, close combat weapon can be six feet, eight feet or even longer. Used to pierce and puncture, the Medieval Axes is designed in a number of designs. It is preferred weapon choice amongst foot soldiers during the middle ages in cases the other weapon like sword was not effectively useful against plates. The kinds of medieval axes we provide are beared polished, double sided axes, viking black, throwing axe and Swedish axe. These Medieval Axes make a great addition to your axe collection.

Key Points

  • Widely used for hand-to-hand battle in medieval age.
  • The medieval axes are developed to stand the test of toughest combat action.
  • The double sided axe comes with handle made from hardwood and axe blades pierced into it.
  • The viking axe comes with forged axe head from carbon steel and hardwood handle.