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Medieval Body Armor

The origin dates back to about 500 BC. Medieval Body armor is a body suit that soldiers wore during battleship. This protective gear was designed to absorb or deflect all the attacks, like slashing and penetrating by weapons in the battlefield. In medieval period, full plate armors were used, which gave armorers enough protection in the battlefield without sacrificing their mobility. In modern time also, soldiers wear metal armor for safety against rifle rounds. The complete armor comprises shield, combat helmet and ballistic vest. Plates were sewn inside textile or leather coat. The Gothic, Breastplate, chain leather, muscled leather, female leather, and Greek three disk are few armors offered by us.

Key Points:

  • These medieval body armors weighs 15-35 kgs.
  • The full suit armor continued to be used from dark age, high middle age, knight age to Americal civil war.
  • Breastplate armor was used by ancient Roman and Greeks to protect chest and lower limb. This armor is masterpiece, symbol of quality workmanship.
  • It consist of helmet, gorget, couter, vambraces, gauntlets, cuirass, fauld, tassets, culet, cuisses, etc.
  • Vulnerable areas were protected during battleship.