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Medieval Daggers

We bring forth a collection of hand-held weapons. Daggers is one formidable weapon with which men have demonstrated raw power and courage at times of battle. Curved medieval dagger with sharp blade and point was used as a stabbing weapon. Initially, these were made from bone, flint, ivory, copper or bronze. Later on many the producers used many other alloys, like iron and steel.

We offer some of the best daggers of all times, for instance scottish dirk, nazi dagger, pathan dagger, gurkha hunting dagger, eagle dagger, rajput kirch, etc. These daggers are named after their time of origin and region. These are used in some noteworthy battles of that period. In modern society, not everybody is allowed to carry a dagger openly unless military personnel. The length of a dagger is shortened and is concealed in clothing.

Key points

  • These replica functional and decorative daggers are from ancient to modern times.
  • These curved medieval daggers can be conversation startup between you and your guests interested in history.
  • The design of these daggers are inspired from medieval and renaissance ages.
  • If you know someone who collects historic pieces, then this makes a great gifting option.