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Medieval Polearms

Polearm is a weapon truest to its name. It comprises a pole and a blade on its edge. The advantage of this weapon is its reach and impact force. An enemy at distance or an enemy mounted on a horse can be easily attacked. From 14th to 16th centuries, medieval polearms saw a lot of varieties. The variety of head style introduced based on purpose, like thrusting, percussion, pulling and slashing, etc., were Spike, Hammer, Hook and Blade. Metal and wood were basic material for the making of polearms. Langets were used to attach weapon head with wooden handle. The major Medieval polearms of all times include ahlspeiss, bardiche, halberd, bec de corbin, bill, corseque, fauchard, lance, pike, spetum, etc.

Key Points:

  • The length of the pole also varied between 5-16 feet.
  • The company provides replicas of punjabi axe, medieval double axe, medieval spear, steel star axe, axe-pole arms, etc.
  • Medieval foot-soldiers used this weapon, for its versatility and availability in large numbers.
  • This close combat weapon is not expensive, due to the use of relatively little metal.