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Medieval Shields

Add any of these medieval shields in your collectibles. The company offers a dynamic array of shield including Roman shield, Scottish shield, Roman infantry scutum, Praetorian cavalry shield, Viking kite shield, etc. The history of this shield is vast and dates back to middle age. Armorers used the shield to intercept attacks. It was used to stop arrows and redirect/deflect hit/strikes from weapons, like axe and sword. The types introduced back then were buckler, heater, kite, targa, parma, scutum, etc. These were developed in varied sizes, from small models to large panels. At medieval age, foot soldiers, knights and cavalry carried the shields as a personal armor.

Key Points:

  • The medieval shields can be held in hand or attached to the arm.
  • The shapes in which these shields were made include round, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc.
  • The major parts of shield are boss, bouche and enarmes.
  • All the shields offered are both, light weight and strong.