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As we mention Antique Swords, our mind takes us to the time of medieval era, when many emperors fought with their armies to preserve their throne or win others. Antique Swords among many other traditional weapons, was used in the battlefield for slashing and thrushing. Each sword has its one or more battleship stories and memories. When the kids of emperors were trained to fight with wooden practicing swords right from their earlier age. Now, many people keep swords as decorative pieces in homes. For those collectors and admirers of historic battles and courageous fighters, we bring you a complete collection of antique swords, right from raper swords, medieval swords, troopers swords, cavalry swords, french swords to Christ swords.

Key Points:

  • These antique swords have long blade which is either straight or curved.
  • The evolution of sword dates back to around 3100 BC. It was developed from dagger.
  • Bronze, iron and steel are three major alloys used to make swords.
  • In India, Marathas, Mughals, Sikhs & Rajputs were used to practice swords. Specially Marathas were known for their cavalry.
  • With the introduction of other powerful weapons, the useful life of swords ended. It's not used in battlefield anymore.